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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Stepping out of the darkness…

But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.”  Ephesians 5:13

Why is gossip called gossip?  Because it’s done behind someone’s back.  Why is stealing called stealing?  Because it’s done behind someone’s back.  Why is cheating called cheating?  Because it’s done behind someone’s back.  These are probably some of the most common ways that people break moral code and turn from Christ, but they certainly aren’t the only things that can hinder our walk with God.  The people responsible for gossiping, stealing and cheating will eventually be revealed, because as people talk, these acts get exposed.  But there are many other things that we as people wrestle with and choose to keep bottled up inside, that involve unhealthy practices and ways of living. 

There are things that we may have done wrong that we haven’t come to terms with, or an action taken that hindered our walk or someone else’s that we are hesitant to own up to.  It could even be a bad habit that you can’t seem to break, but know that in order to grow it must be given up.  Whatever habit, problem or unhealthy action that lies in the darkness must be brought out into the light to be exposed for what it is, so that you can move on and grow closer to Christ.  It can be a little scary and uncomfortable to admit faults or parts of us that need change, but remember, Christ accepts you for who you are, faults and all!  But the first step to a relationship with Him, and the first step to being His light in the world, is actually taking the step to uncover those hidden places in your life, and turning to Him. 

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