walking inspired

Thursday, May 24, 2018


How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity!   Psalm 133:1

Camaraderie…it’s a word you may have heard frequently when it comes to various sports teams, but it’s also a word that can be associated with any type of organized group.  Camaraderie involves people on a team or within a group working together in a way that trust is built, and each person truly enjoys being together to accomplish a task.  Every well-functioning group needs good camaraderie, and without it, the group will most likely suffer, and not experience good results. 

To get to the point where everyone in the group trusts one another and enjoys their time together, each person must understand that they are different…they think different, talk different, act different, lived through different life experiences, had different upbringings, different family situations, encountered different trials…we all are unique, but that’s what every healthy-functioning team understands.  When new ideas are expressed, they are welcomed and heard even though everyone may not agree, and in this way each person feels appreciated as a valued member of the team.  As you encounter other members of each of your “teams” today, remember to respect the differences that each of the other members bring…each person has something special to contribute!

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